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Ruckersville Chiropractic and nutrition is the place to find a chiropractor in Greene County, Virginia.  It is your one stop for the best holistic and chiropractic care anywhere.  Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus (Dr. D) is has over 32 years of clinical experience to help you and your loved ones.

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If you have been injured in an auto accident recently it is imperative that you get quality chiropractic help, even if you had a back fracture.  Once your facture has been braced chiropractic is safe for you, call us if you are in the Charlottesville, Virginia area now for help BEFORE permanent scar tissue sets in and debilitates your spine for the rest of your life.

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Using High speed low force thrusting instruments like the Activator and ArthroStim tools to do the adjustment instead of hands is fast, safe and you don’t feel a thing!  For those that prefer a hand or manual adjustment Dr. Kydonieus is very effective and fast when using his hands to do the treatment.  Either way he gets the job done fast and smoothly. One of the few chiropractors in Greene County, VA that does this special technique.

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Chiropractic Care

Dr D as he is called is your chiropractor and wellness center “coach” for the long haul called, Life.  He can help you discover why your body is in pain or has symptoms and find the cause using nutritional and chiropractic analysis.  At this point Dr D will create a “care plan” to improve and return your body to its normal state.

Chiropractic is the science of finding and fixing nervous system interference which decreases the body’s ability to communicate normally. By removing the interference which usually occurs in the spine using a chiropractic adjustment the body can then heal itself naturally with the restored communication. But sometimes in our modern toxic world this may not be enough to stay well.

Nutritional Support is a Must for Good Health so YOU can HOLD Your Chiropractic Adjustments

In our world we are assaulted by more toxic chemicals than ever before. Jets spray chemicals in their exhaust as they fly over head, power plants spew toxic exhaust into the our air 24/7, over processing of foods damages our DNA, GMO foods are not fully recognized by our bodies as food(autoimmune); groundwater is contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and industrial waste and the list goes on! All these things get into our body and cause our nervous system to malfunction which then leads to dis-ease and eventually death. Over 147 diseases are caused by sugar!  Here’s the list.  Dr. Kydonieus uses a highly specific nutritional system to find out exactly what is holding back your health improvement called, Nutrition Response Testing.  Specific targeted nutritional support AND regular chiropractic check-ups are what is needed to combat this geopolitical assault on our bodies as modern medicine(sickcare not healthcare) is not helping to promote Wellness.

All chiropractors regardless of technique and equipment only do one thing, realign the spine and other joints of the body.  By removing “subluxations” or spinal misalignments that cause nerve system interference they restore normal biomechanics(joint movement) and improve neurology so YOUR body can work like it was designed to.  But many times mechanical issues are not that whole cause some of your symptoms, some of your back pains are coming from organ weaknesses due to improper nutrition and toxic environmental effects!  At our office we help BOTH PROBLEMS AND GET TOP RESULTS FAST!   We do this without drugs or surgery.


Nervous system interference caused by stress which leads to a misalignment of spinal vertebrae causing irritation to spinal nerves reducing the flow of information (energy) through those affected nerve pathways.  This then causes the body to go into a state of decreased health or  “dis-ease”.  If left untreated this “less-than optimal state of health” will ultimately lead to severe body dysfunction or an actual state of disease (increased symptoms and pain which occur in group and can be labeled).  Ultimately all living things die from stress that has caused subluxations which if left untreated lead to organ failure that over-whelms the body.

So what is a Subluxation?

“An irritation to the nervous system caused by a misaligned vertebra or an organ weakness.  This decreases the body’s ability to communicate which over time creates dis-ease and then illness.  A poor connection between every atom of your body and your mind due to nervous system interference. ”

Medicine and surgery CANNOT fix this but chiropractic nutrition can.

So What Can Subluxations Do?

Subluxations cause back and neck pain and… cranky infants, colic, ADD, ADHD, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, indigestion, acid reflux, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, tingling and numbness, poor circulation, headaches, migraines, chronic illness (weakened immunity), etc.  And any symptom you can name!   But more dangerous is the subluxation that causes NO SYMPTOMS  and eats away at your health and your life span!  We all know the guy that was supposedly healthy, felt great, exercised, ate right and died suddenly of heart attack one afternoon while jogging!  Was he really healthy or just not expressing any symptoms until that “big symptom” showed up called a heart attack!  Obviously he was unhealthy and unhealthy people always have subluxations.

Correct your subluxations today, call for an appointment to have your family checked before it’s too late. 434-481-2012


Any time the body cannot adapt correctly causing the body to over-utilized its resources. (We use the most recent advances in stress detection called Heart Rate Variability testing). Stress can generally be broken down into 3 main categories all of which can build up and start to over-whelm the nervous system before you feel anything.  This is the cause of subluxation.

Physical Stress:

Outside trauma to the body.  Example:  Tripping and spraining an ankle, a thorn in your hand, a car accident that whips your head back and forth or worse, acid reflux disease that ‘physically’ erodes the lining of your esophagus because the antacids aren’t really fixing anything.

Chemical Stress:

Imbalances of normal body chemistry as well as the introduction of toxins into the body.  Example:  Poor eating habits leading to a lack of certain vitamins/minerals needed for normal physiology. Toxins; drugs(legal and illegal), air pollution, water pollution, food additives like artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, colors, etc.  And environmental irritants like UV radiation, pollens, change of weather, UV radiation from natural decay like radon in your home and man-made things like nuclear waste in the atmosphere, flying in airplanes increases UV radiation 100X normal or more.  The presence of microbes inside your body when they get out of control set up food sensitivities and autoimmune issues.  Our body’s have to deal with a lot of STRESS!!!!   If you don’t have a chiropractor trained in nutrition and spinal manipulation you should find one.

Mental Stress:

Being in an emotional state that causes the mind to over-emphasis one area of thought.  Example: Worrying about the overdue bills, arguments, anger, sadness, relationships, if not released can lead to clinical Depression and other psychological manifestations.  These mental processes actually cause the body chemistry and muscles to react in specific ways that even after the ‘worrying’ is over are still left inside the body as chemical and physical stressors.  These “mental stressors” now lead to physical issues that the chiropractic nutritionist can help normalize.

Who Should Get Adjusted and Have Their Nutrition Checked?

Everyone(animals too) that has a spine.  But we have a soft spot for kids, all children should be checked BEFORE they show signs of subluxation.

  • Chiropractic is a must for the newborn to make sure their upper neck is properly aligned after the OB-GYN yanked them into this world causing the first subluxation (even C-sections have this happen).
  • Seniors who want a more active life and want to feel good and not depend on medicines, walkers, and oxygen bottles need chiropractic. Active Teens on up to youthful adults ages 20 -??
  • Working Moms and Dads, who are tired of being ‘tired’ need regular chiropractic adjustments so they can have more energy and AVOID the decay of aging.

So which category are you in?   Come in to find the best chiropractor in Greene, County Virginia and get well fast!  Stop the downward spiral of aging and enjoy life just a little bit more!

Zig Ziggler says,

“The only teeth you have to brush are the ones you want to keep.”  Same applies to regular chiropractic care, “The only spine you have to get adjusted is the one you want to keep in working order.”