Dr D’s Multiple Scleroiss(MS) Nutritional Protocol

Deal with the gut first, then the liver.  For the gut start with Nutriwest Leaky Gut formula is what I use, I am sure Standard Process and Anabolic have their own take on this too.  Aside from that high anti-oxidants and there in nothing better than Pharmanex Lifepak Nano, this “nano” formula is absorbed better than any other brand of anti-oxidant or multi vit that I have done labs on so try it, It can be bought mail order if you like.  www.xo.lifepaknano.com.   And I use their probiotics too but you can use who you feel comfortable with.  Digestive enzymes(again I use Pharmanex or Nutriwest or SP) most likely will be needed too.   Probios(Pharmanex is good here too) twice daly before the two largest meals and enzyme AFTER those two meals.  After a month then approach the liver, I use Pharmanex Detox.

One thing you can only get from Pharmanex is called AI/E10 Ultra and straight AI/E10.  1 ultra 3 x day and 1 AI/E10(not ultra  in between those doses.  If she is having a bad day then one AI/E10 every hour until she feels relief. the back down to the 5 total a day. AI/E10 repairs the white cell receptor sites which are damaged in autoimmune, great for anyone with a cold too!  Increases T-cells.
Now you must deal with the inflammation.  Again Nutriwest total FLM is great has tumeric, boswelia, etc in it.depends on how symptomatic she is 3 to 8 a day.
Pregnenolone 1,000 to 2,000 mg a day is good again depends on how long she has had this and how she is responding to your adjusting and GI/anti-inflam nutrition.
Grain free and gluten free.  Also no beef but venison, lamb, rabbit, and hormone free chicken are good,  Sardines, cod, whiting, flounder, snakehead(if she has a fisherman friend who fished the upper Potomac), sea bass,wild salmon, wild catfish from “clean” waters are good fishes to eat.  NO farm raised fish too many chemicals in the fish chow they are fed, also their Omega-3 content is nill since that are feed soy and grain based fish foods.
Optional addon’s: mushrooms, Reishi (Pharmanex Reishimax is the most potent formula I seen actual lab tests on), mitaki, and Shitaiki great for beta glucans which modulate the immune system.
All the dark green veggies she can eat, berries are good but easy on apples, grapes, peaches, plums, citrius (except lemons- 4 a day would be great).
I like TruGreens from Sci-Biologics which is non-GMO, Certified organic powder for my shakes from.  I know the owner of the company, Mitch Fielder a real smart guy!
Good luck give us a call we have all these items in the office and can ship anywhere!
Dr. D
This is not meant to replace or be a medical treatment for MS, you should be working with a Health Care Professional.


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