Why Vegetable Protein Powder is Better than Whey Protein Powder

Why Whey Protein Powder is Not That Good

Pharmanex TR90 Protein Powder

Pharmanex TR90 Protein Powder from Peas, chia seeds, and rice. NO GMO or soy.

Supplementing with a protein powder is an absolute must if you want a lean body and a sharp mind in today’s busy world. However, over 99% of protein powders you may try to buy are a complete waste of time because of where the protein comes from and how it is processed.  Manufacturing is the key.  Most ‘shakes’ are made with whey or soy isolate proteins but the manufacturing process leaves much to be desired.

Specifically whey protein is a bi-product of the dairy industry when we make cheese. The curds and whey(liquid) are separated but the mass produced cheese is usually from “low grade” milk from cows that are fed grains and corn instead of grass.  Grains and corn are not their natural foods and these cows are almost always full of antibiotics and artificial hormones to increase milk production.  But the milk is not the highest quality.  Second, the protein is rinsed with acids to compound it or super-heated to separate it and turn it to powder and this ruins the protein structure, denaturing it which makes it hard for the body to absorb and use.  Ever wonder why dairy allergies are on rise?  Now the exception to this would be cold-pressed whey protein from free-range grass fed cows but that is much more expensive and the labels will not say if the protein is “cold-pressed” whey or from grain-fed/antibiotic loaded cows or the better free-range, grass fed cows.  In general why protein should be avoided.

I prefer mixed vegetables proteins like pea, chia, and rice protein which when combined create an easy to absorb complete protein.   Pharmanex TR90 Protein powder is the only protein shake that I am aware of that has published scientific research studies that prove its particular formulation actually increases muscle mass and burn fat. It stimulates your “lean body” DNA genes (over 200 of them) to burn fat and build muscle.

Try some today… or try their complete body reshaping program!

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist      www.TotalChiro.net

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