A short story of health, illness and life threatening issues that may have been avoidable

This is Dr. D and I wanted to share this…it’s about nutrition and being on top shelf products consistently for life

I have a patient and church member, older women but very active and vibrant who recently suffered a severe intestinal issue and

h, illness and life threatening issues that may have been avoidable.  needed emergency abdomenal surgery to save her life and now in her late 70’s has to go through rehab for the massive incision.  She like many of you was a Pharmanex Lifepak user and for many reasons, most of them mundane she dropped her ADR about 7 months ago and really just tried to “eat better”.  Well we can see how that went!  Now I am not saying that taking LIfepak Nano at the age of 75 would have prevented her surgery but I know for a fact that it would have improved the health of the body so that it could have delt with the diseased tissue and the recovery process 1000 X better than it is doing right now.

When I saw her this last weekend in church after a long absence she was looking good even worked at our anual Crab Fest on Saturday just moving slowly due to the incision of course.  I gave her a big but gentle hug and asked the obvous question, “How is recovery going?”  She answered with a big smile, “Just fine but slow.  They(MD’s and the physical therapists but no nutriitionists) told me it would be months before I could do anything strenuous or lift things…”   So I answered with, “You know the the body NEEDS high qualitty antioxidants like the ones in Lifepak to repair the damage-“.  And with that she smiled and waived me off not saying a thing and walked to another church friend who had just called out to her.  I got the message, load and clear.  Not now Dr. D with your vitmain talk I am okay I have prescriptions and PT’s to help me…I’ll just eat better.”   Then she sat down and ate a large chocolate cupcake saying, “I can have one sweet a week according to the doctors”  and also ate a tomatoe that someone brought in from their garden.  I guess that made it the cupcake more healthy, we all justify our “not so good” habits even me at times!

So my question to you and everyone out there is what do you want from your body over the years into your 90’s or 100’s?  Serve you or curse you?  I had a 90 year old patient come in the other day who said he was tired of living wanted to quit chiropractic as he did not want to do anything that prolonged his life. I of course sat down and had a long talk with him and he is back on a regular chiropractic care plan.  He was not suicidal just sad with how his broken down body was not serving his still sharp and clear mind and spirit.  Had  he met someone like me 40 years ago this may have been avoidable.  Had he done good nutrition and chiropractic  decades ago and NEVER QUIT he’d be much happier and more active today.

Good habits take years to yield benefits, taking a top quality all-around, body/brain enhancer like Lifepak Nano is priceless when you see your friends dealing with life threatening diseases and accidents as they age.  If you do not invest in your health NOW you will have nothing when you need it later.  Lifepak and Nuskin products are checked every day to ensure that you get the BEST quality.  They are there to help you have the BEST LIFE YOU CAN HOPE FOR.  The Biophotonic Scanner proves this, get scanned see your current score then take Lifepak and watch it improve.  Sure you can “eat better” but I doubt your lifestyle will let you make permenant changes so you will just fall back to your less than perfect ways keeping you at risk for severe health issues as you age.

Just get back on ADR for LIfepak Nano, ($128/mo +S/H/tax) and make your years on this planet better.

If you are STILL on ADR for some products, add one of the Lifepak multivits to it. If you are still have Lifepak on your ADR you are ahead of everyone else and keep up the good work!

Side note: I have a gentleman who was a chiropractic patient at my New Jersey office years ago and has been on an ADR for Lifepak Nano for 10 yrs now!  His heatlh has been good overall and his ADR prce has been LOCKED IN for 10 years without an increase what a savings he has had just because he never quit.  Sure he has put his ADR on “Hold” once in a while over the years but his Shopping Points and 10 yr old ADR price on Lifepak have never changed.  So not only is healthier now than he would have been had his quit his Lifepak he saved hundreds of dollars!

If you need help contact me or the person who introduced you to Nuskin/Pharmanex products.


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