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Just a few headlines but make sure to read the bottom paragraph on your Health Freedoms.

by Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist has been helping people for decades.

Association Of Spinal Manipulative Therapy With Clinical Benefit And Harm For Acute Low Back Pain: Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

In a 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Paige et al., completed a systematic review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on the effectiveness and harms of Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) for acute (6 weeks) low back pain. Of 26 eligible studies identified, 15 RCTs (1711 patients) provided moderate-quality evidence that SMT has a statistically significant association with improvements in pain, and twelve RCTs (1381 patients) produced moderate-quality evidence that SMT has a statistically significant association with improvements in function. The RCTs represented studies of adults with low back pain treated in ambulatory settings with spinal manipulative therapy compared with sham or alternative treatments, and that measured pain or function outcomes for up to 6 weeks. The authors conclude that among patients with acute low back pain, spinal manipulative therapy was associated with modest improvements in pain and function at up to 6 weeks, with transient minor musculoskeletal harms. Paige et al. (2017) Journal of the American Medical Association

(Chiropractic adjustments worked better than other treatments like drugs or physical therapy when they were compared.,,,Dr. D)


Upper Cervical And Upper Thoracic Manipulation Versus Mobilization And Exercise In Patients With Cervicogenic Headache: A Multi-Center Randomized Clinical Trial

One hundred and ten participants with cervicogenic headache were randomized to receive both cervical and thoracic spinal manipulation, or combined mobilization and exercise. The findings indicated that manipulation was more effective at reducing headache intensity and disability. Additionally, the manipulation group experienced significantly reduced duration and frequency of headaches. These findings suggest that high-velocity low-amplitude manipulation was more effective in the treatment of cervicogenic headache than the slow mobilization technique intervention. Dunning et al. (2016) BioMed Central Musculoskeletal Disorders

(Chiropractic adjustments worked best for headaches when compared to traction and other physical therapy modalities…and were totally safe…Dr. D)

Commentary by Dr. Kydonieus

With the Opioid Crisis that is now worldwide as of today, May 24th 2018 which has been caused by the drug companies and the world medical associations who continually push drugs on us without true understanding of how “life” is sustained new scientific research is giving us hope.  Now that the “drug mentality” is backfiring on them (mainstream medicine) they are forced to see that the holistic, chiropractic and nutritional treatments work and  are needed now more than ever.  We chiropractors and naturopaths can fix the problems that this medical philosophy which is based on “curing” from the outside with drugs has caused.  But big corporations are on the attack to control you  and your wallets by influencing legislation.  Your body is the last bastion of personal freedom, don’t let the medics take it away by taking your rights and freedom over how you want to be cared for.  Don’t support government legislation that forces drugs and vaccines into yours or your children’s bodies.  This has already happened in California and it will be countrywide unless we stand against such new legislation.  Contact your representatives and tell them you ARE NOT for mandatory vaccines or forced “treatments” for your children or yourself.  If we lose this battle we have lost all freedoms.

Contact your state representatives first they have the most power over your local rights and liberties.  Then contact Washington DC right up to the President and let them know they work for you and what you want.  You want the freedom to choose what goes into yours and your family’s bodys.

Contact Your Politicians here.

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