Insurance and Big Pharma are OUT to GET YOU!

Dr. Oz on Epidural Dangers on The Ruckersville Chiropractor Blog

Just answered an MD’s response to a video I have on my youtube channel on epidurals.  Basically it is a video done by Dr. Oz stating the bad or negative side effects of epidurals.  The MD thought it was bogus and stated, “Well insurance pays for it so it must be safe…”   The DUMBEST statement I have heard in a long time.   He also stated how 60% of women have had epidurals and they are fine…WRONG!!!!!!  I take care of so many with lower body issues that never knew the epidural contributed to their suffering.

So this was my response

Yes this is one side of the issue (many get epidurals and have not obvious problems after and are pain-free) and everyone considering ANY invasive procedure should do their own research (the MD making the comment recommended that people do their research into this procedure before having it done.  I agreed). Also as a Chiropractor with 30 years of experience I have treated many of the 60% of women who got the epidurals and have had permanent scar tissue on their dura mater(covering of the spinal cord) which caused a myriad of symptoms like hemorrhoids, back pain, bowel issues, sciatica, etc. So if this can be avoided I recommend it. As far as “insurance covers it” so it must be safe…? Really????

Insurance and Big Pharma have been in bed together for a century now, they play golf every Tuesday. If you are trusting your health to them you are screwed. Let me explain this “Devilish Duo”. They don’t want to kill anyone they want lifelong customers. The more you get sick, chronic or cancer is best the more drugs and procedures you need(Big Pharma profits). Then without health insurance to cover the hyperinflated healthcare cost you must have insurance or be poor so the government pays for the insurance. Therefore you need to cover all those ridiculous procedures(Big Ins profits). Government is bribed(lobbyists) to pass legislation to support this greed that will ultimately undo us all, forget about North Korea! It took 500 years for Rome to fall and the world began the Dark Ages due to greed and bureaucracy. How long will it take the modern world? Insurance and procedures that harm, go hand in hand.

Get to the chiropractor if you have had spinal injections of any kind no one else can fix it.  This Ruckersville Chiropractor highly recommends it.

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