Alternative Therapies Now Becoming Mainstream

Main Stream Medicine Using Herbs and Vitamins for Cancer

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We are seeing more and more acceptance by the reluctant medical establishment to use and recommend alternative therapies mroe than ever.    More and more medical doctors are turning to herbs and vitamins and now most regularly recommend chiropractic for many ailments these days.  We have seen a drastic increase in referrals from local MD’s to Dr. Kydonieus for chiropractic and nutritional counseling over the last year.  “It is nice to see the local medical doctors here Madison and Greene county where I practice start to use us(chiropractors) more.  They are getting over-whelmed with degenerative joint and muscle pain cases and ‘mystery” conditions that aren’t responding to drugs or physical therapy so they are looking to see if chiropractors can help.  Most of the time we can!”  says, Dr. Kydonieus.

Good supplementation is not just a “good idea” any more it is a necessity.  Due to pollution, industrial farming and herbicides/pesticides we cannot florish on eating raw foods or a having a “good diet”.  Plenty of vegatarians and people with good eating habits develop cancer and die too young.  You need to have lab work done done anually and the new laser vitamin scan done quarterly or monthly if you are in detox phase.  You will have to take high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements like Pharmanex, Standard Process, NutriWest, Thorton, etc. to give yourself the best edge against attacks on your health. Sad to say that most big box an grocery store vitamins are worthless due to poor manufacturering and cheap ingredients.  Even many of the vitamin store brands are junk, according to Dr. Kydonieus who has served as a vitamin manufacturing company science advisor.

Start from infancy and never stop eating right and taking high quality supplements.  Dr. Kydonieus performs all these lab tests through his Ruckersville, Virginia office in addition to chiropractic. Call the office (434) 481-2012 with your questions even if you’re not local he can counsel you over the phone or internet via video conferencing and have a local lab do the blood work.

Here is an exerpt from an article written by,  Meryl Davids Landau in an older Readers Digest Article that is still pertinent today.

 Supplements to Help Cancer Patients

Gary E. Deng, MD, internist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City

Why I use it: “I grew up in China, where it’s taken for granted that you’ll use herbs and teas as medicine. But my medical education was Western based, and I firmly believe supplements have to be studied with rigorous science. When patients ask me whether supplements might help, I tell them that in most cases, we don’t have definitive evidence, and some supplements can even be harmful.

Still, the research on a few is intriguing enough that a patient can consider them, under a doctor’s supervision. For instance, sometimes chemotherapy causes a lot of nerve damage. The pain, tingling, and numbness can get so severe that the chemo has to be stopped. But some research suggests a supplement called alpha lipoic acid [ALA] may help. For patients with digestive-tract cancer, an extract from a certain mushroom, Coriolus versicolor, seems to make the chemotherapy drugs more effective. And there’s some evidence that vitamin D or green tea extract may lower the risk of developing cancer.”

How strong is the evidence? Support for ALA and C. versicolor extracts is stronger than for many supplements. There are many hints—but no proof—that vitamin D and green tea may lower the risk of some cancers.

Also might help: ALA reduces the pain from nerve damage caused by diabetes; a green tea ointment is FDA-approved for genital warts; vitamin D may help ease chronic pain.

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