Eliminate Calcified Heart Arteries with a Supplement?

Vitamin K-2 7 MegaQuinone

Help your heart and take it regularly

There are many risk factors for heart disease, but a high calcium score is the most common risk factor.

The problem is random calcification from calcium that creates soft tissue deposits in the artery.

K2 is the only nutrient in the world that will remove calcium from the arteries. K2 activates the matrix GLA protein (MGP) that removes calcium out of soft tissues like arteries and veins.

The ten year, 4,800 subject Rotterdam Heart Study demonstrated that participants who ingested the greatest quantities of K2 experienced a 57% reduction in death from heart disease than people who ingested the least.

There are over 25 published studies confirm that vitamin k2 can prevent arterial calcification, and those deficiencies are correlated with increased arterial calcification. Returning k2 levels to normal reverses arterial calcification, especially at prescriptive doses of 320mcg.

MegaQuinone K2 -7 is the ONLY 320 mg pharmaceutical grade, all natural vitamin K2 with published safety studies.

This along with lifestyle changes can literally eliminate heart disease!


*Original article from Jen Walz, Digesstive Health Editor, Megaspore.

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