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Nutrition Response Testing a System for Getting it Right!

Muscle testing has been around for a century or more and is a valid system of interpreting nervous system reflexes when done by trained and experienced practitioner.  The “layers” that must be analysed and worked on can be numerous and time is necessary for lasting results.  In my experience with this type of testing compared to the standard lab workups that I have done for over a decade now I get better results!  I believe this to be because when checking organ reflexes with a specific supplement  you get the body’s response on the spot as to whether or not it is the appropriate support at that time or not.  Unlike just reading lab work ups and handing the person a bottle of “thyroid” support and going on label recommendations for dosage with Nutrition Response Testing you get the exact brand of supplement and can determine an exact dosage at that time and see results sometimes in the same day!

Nutrition Response Testing to Monitor a Case

On my nutrition visits I do more than just give out supplements, we go over diet diaries, activities that could be affecting the way the person is progressing, other healthcare that they may be receiving somewhere else (or chiropractic in my office).  I recheck “stuck” reflexes for improvement and make suggestions for continued improvement that we then check on the next visit.  Sometimes I give my people “homework”, reading assignments on eating habits or health issues.  Doing regular visits helps me dial in and fine tune my Programs for the individual so that they get the results they’re looking for.   Very different than the regular “Nutritionist” or Naturopath visits elsewhere Nutrition Response Testing is fast, effective and creates personalized programs.  No cookie cutter, one size fits all programs here.


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