Up Your Omega 3’s after Holiday Meals

Omega 6 Laiden meals

Yummy Omega 6 loaded meals should be balanced by taking extra Omega 3’s

Unless you ate a side of salmon and avoided the corn, stuffing and bread this past Thursday, your – and your patient’s — blood is likely loaded with Omega-6 fatty acids and low on Omega-3s this evening.  That is okay from time to time but currently in the United States, this imbalance is epidemic, leading to many chronic diseases and aggravating many acute conditions and injuries.

Over time, these fatty acids become incorporated into the cellular membrane of every organ in your body.  The brain, and cell membranes, require an optimal level of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 to function optimally and this drives the function of the whole cell. Furthermore, inflammation in your entire body is largely determined by the relative amounts of each one of this fatty acids.  To put it simply, these fatty acids create the “neurologic and inflammatory climate” of your brain and body

To combat this imbalance pf Omega 6 to 3 you will have to increase your Omega 3’s by 5 grams.  Remember Omega 3’s are just part of your ‘fish oil’ gel caps so read the label to figure out what to take.  You can take them all at once but you might get ‘fish burbs’ or you can spread them out over the rest of the day.  Taking them with food helps reduce the “fishy” after taste.


Come in for your post holiday Nutritional Response Testing exam at Dr. D’s office.


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