How Safe is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care has been around for over 120 years being offically discovered in 1895 by D.D. Palmer a “magnetic healer” in his day who ran a school in the late 1800’s.  He had a deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard who worked at the school for 14 years and no, magnetic healing did not “cure” him but one evening DD saw Harvey cleaning and asked him to come over so he could examine him.  DD was fully schooled in anatomy and he noticed that there was a “bump” on his upper back-lower neck that did not seem to line up with the other “bumps” in Harvey’s back.  These bumps were of course the spinous processes.  Well it was not tender or swollen but so DD had Harvey lay on a table and he pushed on the misaligned “bump” and it “POPPED” into place!  As the story goes Harvey “heard” the pop and got off the table and could hear.  

DD Palmer Adjusting Harvey Lillard

DD Palmer Adjusting Harvey Lillard

So with this miraculous event DD Palmer was iinspired to resarch what could have made this happen and after years of anatomy and neurology study on his own he discovered chiropractic!  Chiropractic is the healing art and science that removes nerve interference by manipulating the segements of the spine (and body) releasing the natural heaing impules of the body that he named, “innate intelligence”.

DD Palmer

Now fast forward 120 years it’s 2015 and tons of scientiic researchhad been published that supports the uniqueness and validity of chiropractid and over 100,000,000 people around the world are better and healthier because of receiving chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis!  This “figure” includes millions of children and infants!  Conditions from torticolis, ear aches and colic have been helped by chiropractic with NO drugs or surgeries.  Not to mention more severe condtioins like seizure disorders, mental handicaps, and even infectous diseases.   No one is saying chiropractic kills infectous agents but it does seem to help the body mobilize the immune system so that the person gets well faster without antibiotics but more research into this phenomena is needed to better understand the mechanisms.  So for not just know that chiropractic adjustments help the body maintain a healthier, stronger state of being so it can heal itself.  Great news in this day and age of “super bugs” being created by over use of antibiotics and hospital incubation centers!

Is Chiropractic Safe for Children and Babies?

baby chiro

YES!  I personally have adjusted hundreds of children and babies over my career and seen some true miracles.  Kids and yes babies have very strong spines that are very pliable or “rubbery” and it doesn’t take that much force to adjust a baby.  I adjusted both my chiildren when they were first born; I checked my daughter at her birth and she did not need an adjustment then but at 2 weeks I thought she did.  She was born at home with a midwife and never needed medical doctor until she was 9 months old.  She had a stomach virus and my young wife at the time wanted her checked in addition to me checking her and adjusting her at the time since I was a “new” doctor.  The local pediatrician agreed with my diagnosis and treatment and sent us home with advice on fluids and avoiding dehydration which we were already doing.  So my unvaccinated daugther, my wife and I went home and she was over her virus in two days.  Now at 26 and stil unvaccineated is veyr healthy and about to get a PhD in Forensic Psychology!  I guess chiopractic worked since she was hardly sick as a child when all her vaccinated schoolmates were!  Lots of vitamin supplements, herbal meds and chiropractic adjustments along with a decent diet and moderate activity level (she was not a sports person)!  I have a son who also was adjusted all his life too.

We started prenatal care for my son with a midwife just as we did with our daughter but he was breech (turned feet first in the womb) and would not turn even with the midwife’s expertise and my chiropractic maternal care.  So at week 38 we went to the OBGYN she referred us to in Macon, Georgia and he did an ultrasound.  We then saw that the umbilical cord was loosely wrapped around his neck, he couldn’t turn!  We proceeded to the delivery room two weeks later when my wife’s water broke and my son was born via C-Section but again NO vaccinations.  So you see I have personally experienced both ends of the birthing “system”.   Upon my chiropractic checkup of my son I determined that he needed to be adjusted at 4 days. Like on his his sister I used my pinky fingers to gently tap his Atlas (1st cervical vertebra) lightly back in place.  An Atlas adjustment is all most babies ever need adjusted since the rest of their vertebrae are mostly cartilage and don’t get “stuck” during a normal deliery.

So in conlcusion and after millions of babies and young kids being adjusted safely, YES you should get your kids checked today!


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