Regular Chiropractic Adjustments Make Aging Better

Getting Adjusted for Life!

Wow sounds like quite a committment doesn’t it?  But you are worth it!  Regular chiropractic care is where our unique healthcare disapline as chiropractors really shines.  Getting adjusted just when it “hurts” is really not the best use of chiropractic care and can be expensive compared to cheaper pain meds.  Granted chiropractic has almost no risks compared to drugs even over the counter meds (OTC).  You never see any class-action legal commercials on TV urging your to “call now” if you’ve seen a chiropractor like you do with all the prescription drugs.  I don’t know about you but I am pretty tired of all the ads on TV (cable TV which I pay for) about sueing drug companies for side effects… but I digress…

Chiropractic care has helped millions of people for over 100 years and continues to provide every day ‘miracles’ for many.  Many a person has come through my door saying, “I tried all the other doctors and physical therapists and they couldn’t help me.  Do you think you can?”  In almost every case I said,”Yes”.  Chirorpactic adjustments restore normal communication between the brain and the body.  We keep your joints moving so they don’t ‘rust’ and your telephone wires connected to your master computer!   Every day activities over time bind us up and wear us down, we NEED a specialist that can safely and druglessly release that pressure that builds up.  That is how Chiropractic works and unless you intend to be frozen and live in bubble you will need a chiropractor to keep you moving.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Life Are Just Smart

Chiropractic adjustments done regularly over time keep your nervous system in top health like brushing your teeth regularly for life reduces the amount of cavities you will have and saves your teeth.  Only chiropractors with their unique philosophical understanding of “natural healing” and the nervous system’s importance above all others can help you and your children enjoy an active life well into your “senior” years.  There are thousands of research papers published on the science chiropractic and how it works better than other forms of healthcare like physical therapy or medicine for health issues like back pain.  But there are so many small improvements in daily living that regular-chiropractic users receive over years of regular spinal adjustments that cannot be quantified in a “double blind placebo based study”  published in the latest edition of the New England Journal of Medicine or the Lancet that you just have to figure it out for yourself. Try it for a year and compare how you felt that year to the year prior without regular chiropractic adjustments.  Many of us have tried and gotten good results from a chiropractor, felt better and gotten distracted quitting our care plan…it happens.  Then over months or maybe even a year or so you realize that you feel “so-so” or downright crappy again!  So you make the embarrassed call to set that appointment for your re-exam and head back to your chiropractor.

When you step back into the office and finish the ‘boring’ and expenisve re-exam you lay down on the adjusting table and finally get that magical adjustment!  “Oh it’s been so long and this feels so GREAT!” is what you think to yourself.  You are in heaven and you ask yourself, “Why did I stop coming in, I know I NEED these treatments?”  Then you remember the world outside and your life, your BUSY life…”Yeah that’s what happenned I got distracted and felt good so I stopped coming in, life got in the way.  I thought I would feel great forever and not need to come in unless I hurt myself again.”   Well ‘Life” had a different thought, “Neglect your body, your nervous system and you WILL SUFFER.”   So now you swear to your chiropractor that you will be faithful to a Wellness Plan of 1-2 x month after they get you back in shape again. So for now you are back at 2-3 x week just to get stablized again! Uggh, wish I had just stayed at once a month, you think to yourself.  You and your doctor of chiropactic shake hands on it and hopefully this time you will keep your word to yourself and make regular chiropractic check-ups a way of life for you and your entire family.

Life is Better with Regular Chiropractic Adustments

I have been caring for families since 1988 when I gradutated from Life Chirorpactic College (now Life Chiroractic University).  I have cared for Olympic gold metal figure skaters, semi-pro athletes, high school athletes and non-athletes, more new borns and kids than I can count as well as their parents and I stilled am awed by the ‘miracles’ that chiropractic can bestow on people.  I have seen a blind man regain his sight after an adjustment, helped a Mom be more patient with her family because her mood swings are better after adjustments, helped a Dad to control his temper better and not snap at his kids because his lower back doesn’t hurt any more.  Those are just a few chiropractic ‘miracles’.  After all these years I now have the perspective of time to look back and really assess how well chiropractic has helped people compared to other forms of health care.  I can say without a doubt that the people who have been checked regularly by their chiropractor have had healthier and more active lives than those that just come in and out over the years for “pain care”.  My regular chiropractic patients feel good most of the time and hardly fall ill.  When they do hurt themselves they get better and back to their busy lives faster with less issues than they those that do not use chiropractic regularly.  There is no comparison of how healthy and active my regular Wellness Patients stay compared to the 2-3 x year “pain patients” or emergency patients.  They just lead healthier lives.

No one knows how long we have on this planet but I can assure you that chiropractic cared used regularly for a lifetime will give you the BEST quality of life your genetics can offer!


See you on your next visit,


Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

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