Signs of Stroke

Stroke What to Look For

Stroke Face

Uneven smile, slurred speech are signs of a stroke

A great ressource on the stroke subject is Stroke Resource Site but to summerize it I have listed the signs below.  But if you are at all in doubt or worried please leave this page and dial 911.

Remember the acrynom F.A.S.T so you can act FAST when evaluating someone for the early signs of stroke.

  • FACE:  Uneven smile
  • ARMS: Ask the person to raise their arms above their head and if one is weaker not necessarily painful that is a positive sign.
  • SPEECH: Ask the person to talk to you, if their speech is slurred, slow or not their usual pattern that is a positive sign.
  • TIME:  If any of these symptoms appear it is TIME to dial 911.

Good luck and hopefully you will never have to use these quick tests.

Other signs could be:

  • Dizziness or sudden onset Vertigo
  • Poor balance, trouble walking
  • Sudden onset of a severe headache for no known reason


Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist
Ruckersville, VA

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